New Patient Information and Testimonials

Our new patients usually come to us because they are referred by friends or family. We have two categories of new patient appointments: One is for spinal/ chiropractic issues only, the other is for nutritional concerns and overall wellness. If you are unsure of the type of appointment you need, the staff can help you determine which way to go when you call to schedule.

Both types of visits take approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete, depending on the complexity of your case. After calling us to schedule your new patient appointment, we can send you the paperwork to fill out for your first visit, or you can download and print them from the "new patient forms" link in the top of your screen. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you with whatever issues you are currently experiencing. Chiropractic and Nutrition are helpful in supporting normal body functions that may aid in the following:
- Metabolism
- Digestive irregularities
- Energy and sleep issues
- Hormonal fluctuations
- Inflammation and pain
- Migraines/ headaches
- Emotional Balance
- Normalizing cholesterol and Blood Pressure

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Polly writes, "I entered Charlton Chiropractic & Wellness Center slated for my second back surgery. I had constant pain and numbness down my right leg. I was diagnosed with herniated L4 and L5 discs. I live on a farm, work for a vet, ride horses, and operate a dog sitting service. I was having great difficulty doing my daily chores. Then to add more pain to my body, I fell in the barn and tore up my right shoulder. I could not lift my arm to wave, and the tingly numbness in my hand caused me many sleepless nights. Again the family Doctor wanted to do surgery. Between the back and shoulder I was in constant discomfort. I started adjustments with Dr. Charlton and listened to her suggestions about food and supplements. Then I tried therapeutic massages with Dave and did the exercises he suggested. In the last 2 months I added acupuncture with Dr. Keene. I have now avoided 2 major surgeries and can not describe the difference in my well- being. The back pain and leg numbness are gone; my shoulder mobility has returned and my tingly hand is over 85% better. I have strength in my hands, arms and legs and back again. I can perform my daily chores without pain and discomfort. I can write this- something I would have had great difficulty doing. I truly thank Dr. Charlton, Dave, and Dr. Keene for a new lease on a pain- free life.


Claudia tells us, "Upon seeing my MD for blood pressure, my annual bloodwork was also done. It was discovered cholesterol and triglycerides were elevated and lipitor prescribed. I was very skeptical about the medication. I stopped the Lipitor[without recommendation from a doctor] after 10 days and began the Standard Process Purification Program (21 day program). After the 21 days I continued to have the (nutritional) shakes for breakfast and the food according to the post purification program. Had bloodwork redone in 6 weeks.

When the results came back, my cholesterol dropped from 252 to 177 and my triglycerides fell from 166 to 97. I was surprised and very pleased with these results as was the nurse who advised me to keep doing whatever I am doing.

The biggest change I have noticed is the amount of energy I have gained. I also feel "lighter"- not weighed down and stuffed. Dropped one pant size so far. Thank you Doc- You are wonderful!


Donald, 74 writes, "For three weeks I was unable to lift my left arm and my left shoulder was too sore to lay on. I was in much pain! The doctor pressed on sore muscles and adjusted my neck side to side. After 3 weeks of pain and two weeks of treatment, symptoms disappeared. I wish I would have come sooner."


47 year old Leslie writes, "My body would puff up overnight. I was depressed, had tingling in my left hand, and very tired. Dr. Charlton was able to know all the areas I've had issues with (without my telling her). It was a huge relief to know a doctor finally believed me, furthermore- helped me correct my issues to points where I feel younger- more vital. Thank you so much!"


Julie writes, "I hurt myself by jumping, came down on my right leg. I had severe sciatic pain. I could hardly walk. I would get jolts down my leg. At night, they would wake me up. Dr. Charlton recommended 2 supplements, gave me gentle stimulation to the sciatic nerve, and adjustment. Dr. Charlton's treatment healed me within 1-2 weeks. It helped me immensely. I cannot thank her, her practice, and her employees enough"


Beth came in with with restless legs- that crawling skin feeling with constant leg movement at night that kept her from sleeping. She noted, after adding two supplements to support normal body function, "I have noticed a marked decrease in the occurrence of the crawling skin feeling and can get to sleep easier because of it."


"I have been a large person all my life, and it has never really bothered me all that much, other than the fact that people always assume I played football in college, and I was the first person they would ask to help them move. I was over 335 pounds and as I neared 30, it began to be more of a concern. I had always been plagued by severe headaches and stomach issues. There were many days of school and work I missed with my head wrapped in heat packs taking large amounts of Ibuprofen. Throughout this time, I tried nearly all forms of weight loss, I have had personal trainers and tried Nutrisystem, Atkins, and anything else anyone recommended. My weight rose and my energy fell.

My mother referred me to Charlton Chiropractic for the nutrition program with no real hope of this being any different. To my surprise, I did start to lose weight, and I did not feel the addiction to high carb foods, like pasta. The seminar that Dr. Foskett gave on how to eat healthy has made this much easier. I have lost close to 40 pounds and my energy has really increased. I haven't been this low since high school and I have no reason to think it will stop there. I have been headache free for months. I have never had a period in my life where I have gone so long without a crippling incident. Knowing that I could accomplish this has made previously insurmountable concepts possible again. -Jared


Kelli was having at least 2 migraines per week. After three adjustments, she writes, "I have gone a whole week without a headache. Yeah! I feel like a new person!"


Chrissy came in to the office originally with severe pain from a fall while ice skating almost a year prior. The fall caused a bad injury causing terrible tightness, sciatica, muscle spasms and a crooked spine which prevented Chrissy from standing up straight. She says, "Weekly treatments with the doctor and ultrasound on my hip have really helped me. The massage therapist found every sore spot and really helped loosen everything up. Dr. Charlton also suggested I use a large exercise ball each week. This ball was very beneficial to the healing process. The staff and Dr. Charlton have been patient and kind through my injury. One of the best things that happened to me was finding this office to help me."


Peggy writes about her 12 year old son Tim. "Tim had been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD by a psychiatrist and was also very depressed a lot of the time, hated school, and didn't feel good physically with stomach aches and fatigue. He had been on different medications that either helped some but had bad side effects, or didn't help at all. Tim had very bad grades at school. Dr. Charlton adjusted Tim, prescribed nutrients and gave him some exercises to do. Within a month, Tim's depression was noticeably less. He felt better physically. In 6 months, he was a different boy. He's happy, likes school (which is very amazing), feels good and is getting better grades. At the beginning of treatment, Dr. Charlton said that Tim's brain just wasn't getting the nutrients it needed. I hate to think that other children are suffering the side effects of ADHD medicine when maybe that's not even the real problem."


Over the last 10yrs I have suffered from dry eyes, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, sore throats, heart palpitations, incontinence, chest pain, dizziness, insomnia, hot flashes, and debilitating body pain. my family doctor would do blood work, run tests, and the results were always the same. There was nothing wrong. I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told there was no cure, but they could help me live with it. The solution was narcotics and anti-depressants. By the end of 12/2007 I was beginning to wonder how I could possibly go on like this. The pain in my legs began to make a wheelchair look like a good idea, but I am only 54yrs. old. I came to Dr. Charlton's office in 1/2008 and now my heart palpitations are gone, I have normal, healthy bowel movements, my sore throats are gone, hot flashes gone, I am sleeping 7hrs at night, but most importantly my body pain has decreased by 90% and I can now play on the floor with my grandson. My friends say my face is glowing! I used to experience physical pain with a massage and now a massage is painless for me. This has changed my life and I can't wait to show my family doctor that he was wrong.....There is Help! Sally