About Chiropractic

When vertebrae get out of place, they pinch your spinal nerves.

Your cells don't get the nerve supply that each of them deserves.

And when your cells malfunction, friend, we say that you are sick.

And drugs won't get you well until those bones and nerves are fixed.

Bacteria eat those weakened cells, and drugs take care of most,

But others come and re-infect, they've found a perfect host.

The body has to heal itself and make its tissues strong,

And if all nerves are functioning, no bug can do you wrong.

Resistance is the key to health, your nervous system's boss,

And weakness and bacteria come when nerve supply is lost.

A Chiropractor adjusts the back and put those bones in place,

Thus taking pressure off the nerves by widening the space,

Through which those nerves must pass before they can get to the cell,

Your body functions properly, you're said to now be well.

So if they want to cut you up, and take an organ out,

A natural way to health's what Chiropractic's all about.

And if they want to drug you up, your symptoms to relieve,

They don't get at the cause, my friend, and that you can believe.

Just chemicals will do no good when nerve lines are still down,

The bug will die, but then another bug will come around.

The Chiropractor will adjust, and then my friend you'll see,

It is a better way to health, we do it naturally.

Bruce Drexler, Class of 1980

Cleveland Chirorpractic College